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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


There wasn’t much that I could do for her,
Now that she had chosen him,
Not that I am better than he,
Or that for her, I’d even go out on a limb,

But her conversation needed my answers,
Her heart still wanted wisdom,
It was like removing the blood from her veins,
After having tasted it, in her system,

And what could I do?
She was a dazzling bride,
A new found princess to her prince,
Yet and still empty inside,

She needed me,
But I would never utter such a thing,
At least not again,
I’d rather just suffer the bells to ring..

Ring thunderously, ring annoyingly,
Do chime, and clamor away,
Chime for our futures sake,
Ring bells until the pain drifts away..

I hear that you love him,
More than the moon adores the night,
More than the stars love it’s twinkling,
More than the blind desires sight,

And am I a madman,
Creating an insurmountable steeple?
That none may climb to the top of it,
And congregate with the sane minded people?

When the night falls upon the earth harshly,
And the shadows appear on walls from candlesticks,
When the minutes become hours,
Do you not think of me within each tick?

I’d rather cast this dreary thought,
Into the puddle of hell..
And watch it sail across the ocean,
With the sound of the foreign bells..

Ring thunderously, ring annoyingly,
Do chime, and clamor away,
Chime for our futures sake,
Ring bells until the pain drifts away..

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Taken UP

To the top of the mountain,
Was I taken and snatched,
Without a garment upon me,
Neither scarf, nor hat,

I embraced the foreign wind,
Stared at the massive sea,
Being lifted into the atmosphere,
By a being, whose face I couldn’t see,

He said only “trust me”
And so I sailed away,
Entering the heavens,
Until the cars did fade away,

The gray cloud surrounded us,
So no man could view us viewing,
Two men stood beside me,
Swords in hand, to keep out the pursuing,

The face of him was yet blurry,
But I could see him smile,
He whispered, “lay your mental bags down,“
Stay here for a while,

We ate, and we laughed,
As though the world didn’t exist,
He spake words to me unheard of,
Some hit, but most I missed,

Arise young man,
Arise young man and stare,
Stare at this world,
Be sure to take good care..

It is filled with many,
Many has filled its arms,
Shield it by bow and arrow,
Keep it safe from harm,

Speak wisdom to the youth,
With fire, cleanse soiled hands,
Grab the young lions by the beard,
Show them a man…

Never depart from the damsels,
Show them their respect,
Tell them not to settle,
To the best of their intellect,

It was written,
And so it was said,
I feinted at that point,
And was taken to my bed,

Those words took me,
Like blood runs through the veins,
I hopped up to write what I remembered,
Discarding the remains..

Monday, November 23, 2009


It’s nothing so major,
Besides the fact that she’s stunning,
Her eyes pierce my inner soul,
Leaving my blood’s faucet running,

It’s not really a huge ordeal,
Well maybe not to the world,
But in mine eyes alone,
She’s more than just a incalculable pearl,

I set eyes upon her,
Before the night calls upon morning,
Before the rooster yells with anticipation,
Right before I realize I’m still tired, and yawning,

There is none more fair,
Whose breasts satisfy me more,
Whose words are as honey,
From her jar of love, therefore I pour,

She doth pour her love,
Upon my weary head daily,
Relinquishing my foreign troubles,
Washing my thoughts thoroughly,

She loves me,
As the golden moon adores the blazing sun,
As the elegant tuxedo,
Enjoys it’s cummerbund,

And though it be nothing major,
In the sight of thee,
Within the pupil of mine eyes,
She means everything to me.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Too busy, Too late..

"Too busy, Too Late" is a battle cry to the mother's and father's that THINK that they listen to their children. Yet the reality of it all is that they only hear what they want to hear. It's more than just being around your children. It's time to initiate the conversation. It's time to get involved. IF not, "Too Busy... Too Late!!

She sits in a room,
full of wonder,
So unsure, so unsure,
Not far from a blunder,

And so the tears begin to flow,
Because she's believes that she's next
For everyone else has already tried it,
She's a step away from having sex,

Unaware that her virginity,
Is filled with all things sacred,
And she wants to talk to you,
Before someone comes to take it..

But you never take the time to listen,
You never hearken to her voice,
She needs your opinion,
Before she makes a choice..

He has thought alot about it,
They pick on him at school,
They characterize him as a clown,
They treat him like a fool,

And today he's tired,
Today he's had enough,
Today he's no longer a punk,
Today he's going to be tough,

Unaware that he can choose to be free,
Instead of grabbing that gun,
Today you can talk to him,
Today you can embrace your son,

But you never take the time to listen,
Upon you he cannot call,
You take the time to stay so busy,
He will more than likely fall...

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Place your hand under mine,
While the water runs upon it,
Touch the subtle breeze,
And the clouds that rest beyond it,

The feather just flows,
Down the spiral of life,
I hold your hand while watching,
What a wonderful sight,

The way is clear,
The sky is so fair,
There is air in the sky,
Air, air, everywhere,

And the sun,
Gives off such an extravagant light,
Completely subduing,
Bringing forth such a peaceful night,

The stars just hang there,
Such a twinkling response,
Supplying the earth a night show,
Giving her all that she wants

The way is clear,
The sky is so fair,
There is air in the sky,
Air, air, everywhere,

And we cuddle,
While looking toward the milky way,
Look extremely quick, my love,
Before it all fades away,

We rest easy,
Just to inhale the breathtaking night,
The breeze just rests upon us,
Setting the mood just right,

The way is clear,
The sky is so fair,
There is air in the sky,
Air, air, everywhere.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


What is this love thing all about?
I’m standing next to the tracks
Prepared to take another trip,
I’ve got my coat and my hat,

And here she stands with me,
Moving forward,
In her long dress, and boots
All aboard, All aboard,

So here we sit,
Ready for the wind,
Fastening our seatbelt,
Here we go again,

Are we fussing?
When we just made up last night?
Are you crying?
When I just said, “We’ll be alright?”
Are things already back the same?
I know I bought the ticket,
But we both want off of this train,

We don’t know,
Exactly where we’re headed,
And the fact that we’re already arguing,
We know we’ll both dread it,

Our train is moving too fast,
Down these dark tunnels of the past
How long will this torture last?

And here we go again,
Trying to leave everything behind,
But rather than getting there peaceably,
We’re off track, instead of reading the signs,

Are we fussing?
When we just made up last night?
Are you crying?
When I just said, “We’ll be alright?”
Are things already back the same?
I know I bought the ticket,
But we both want off of this train
We both want off of this train!

Monday, October 19, 2009


Late nights, we fight,
We turn off the lights, with things not right,
I‘ve had enough,,
At 3am, I’m getting up,

I can’t lie there,
Beside you,
This storybook fairytale,
Is so untrue,

And I’m leaving you,
With my life ahead of me,
I trot out the house happily,
With my keys and my drink,
And I’m leaving you,
I’m leaving you,
I think…

I’m packing my bags,
I’m grabbing my coat,
I’m pushing the pain down,
Clearing lumps from my throat,

I take another look and pause,
I grab my keys,
Headed for the door,
Hoping you’ll run yelling please..

And I’m leaving you,
With my life ahead of me,
I trot out the house happily,
With my keys and my drink,
And I’m leaving you,
I’m leaving you,
I think…

I refuse to let you win,
This pain won‘t last long,
Plus, I’m ready to dance,
To the beat of another song,

And there you stand,
Arms reaching out to the wind,
With words that utter,
Can we try this thing again?

And I’m leaving you,
With my life ahead of me,
I trot out the house happily,
With my keys and my drink,
And I’m leaving you,
I’m leaving you,
I think…

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Night time fell upon the ground,
The fire sparkled upon a mound,
The music came through the speakers,
Listen to it’s sound,

I stood back,
Just to watch everyone,
Until she grabbed my hand,
“Lets have some fun”

And she danced for me,
To the sound of the drummer’s tune,
She danced for me,
She danced for me,
Under the vanilla moon,

She grabbed my hands,
And put them on her waist,
I tried not to get excited,
But you could see it in my face,

Her hair smelled like lilac,
Her body vanilla oil,
As she moved upon me,
I felt my blood began to boil,

And she danced for me,
To the sound of the drummer’s tune,
She danced for me,
She danced for me,
Under the vanilla moon,

Her lips touched mine,
But we never kissed,
She was so seductive,
I could feel our subtle bliss

Staring into my eyes,
She never looked away,
She said, “stay with me tonight,
And a portion of the day,”

And she danced for me,
To the sound of the drummer’s tune,
She danced for me,
She danced for me,
Under the vanilla moon,

Until the morning,
And a portion of the day,
I let her dance for me,
I let her dance away,

She danced for me,
To the sound of the drummer’s tune,
She danced for me,
Under the vanilla moon.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

How Will They Know?

If we don’t teach them,
How do we expect them to know?
If we do not plant them,
How do we expect for them to grow?

To reap, and to sow,
To live, before death,
To say that I am not without,
To refer to it as blessed,

To build confidence,
And to establish character,
To be meek at times,
But if you desire it, we must go after her,

How may they know,
That life is but a dream?
And though it is thought to be glamorous,
Life is not always what it seems.

If we as the water,
Choose not to also be sunlight,
Our children live in darkness
Leaving them no insight,

Who will say,
Stand up to your fears?
Who will say it is not necessary,
When wiping away their tears?

If we don’t teach them,
How do we expect them to know?
If we do not plant them,
How do we expect for them to grow?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Without A Father Part 2

It's one of those moments,
That i hate to bear,
To watch a female child,
Lonely, with no one there,

Mothers are wonderful,
Grandmothers tend to put a heart to rest,
But nothing comforts a daughter,
More than her father's chest,

To nestle in truth,
To feel secure,
His words provide comfort,
His voice remains pure,

And so I watched from a distance,
How it affected her timid heart,
Cupid threw no arrows this day,
No, there were no loving darts,

A spotlight of darkness,
Clouded a day of pure sunlight,
Though she smiled at me,
I could tell it was by fight,

Therefore I embraced the little angel,
I knew it was unfair,
For her to behold a life unfit,
Without her father there,

She poured her heart out,
Upon my chest with tears,
I tried to hold mine back,
But her tone pierced my ears,

And so we both cried,
Under the golden moon,
Which turned into songs of comfort,
No matter if out of tune,

She pecked my cheek,
With both arms she hugged my neck,
I'd gained a friend this day,
Today I gained respect,

By far I'm not her father,
Not even the next in line,
But I'll always be there for her,
Making sure that she's fine..

Sunday, August 23, 2009


I raced out of the house,
Right after I grabbed my coat,
Slinging the door open,
My footprints in the snow,

And so I search for her steps,
Upon the cotton ground,
The wind is stirring up a temper,
If you listen, you can hear the sound..

Sweetheart I'm coming,
Coming am I sweetheart,
Upon the dusk of the evening,
Right before it's dark,

And so I take a second to listen,
For I know my woman's pace
I study the muddy snow,
Until I see her face

And how be it,
That she sat upon a boulder,
Steady, and without movement,
I approached her by touching her shoulder,

And she's cold..
And she's cold..
My beloved woman's heart is full of ice,
I need to make it right,

I yanked out of my shirt,
As many times before love making,
I put it around her tightly,
Her steady frame begin it's shaking,

Unsure if it was anger,
Or perhaps it was the chill,
I didn't expect her to speak to me,
I just wanted her to feel,

I'm here, I'm here,
I lifted her from the stone,
Carrying the young lady back,
Towards the place that I call home,

No words proceeded,
From the lips of her mouth,
No action repaired her feelings,
But she did hear me out,

As I walked into the house,
Next to the fire she abode,
Her heart never changed temperatures,
She was indeed so cold..

And she's cold,
And she's cold..
My beloved woman's heart is full of ice,
It's up to me to make it right..

Friday, August 7, 2009

We all win..

How easily we tend to forget,
That she's a lady,
Not a possesion, not a punching bag,
She's the woman that carries our baby,

And how easy it is,
To forget her emotions,
Changing in the blink of an eye,
Without a given notion,

And is that wrong,
That we must make an adjustment,
Instead of reacting in aggression,
Or engaging in an arguement,

I know, I know,
I hate it too,
But the babies depend on us,
They need to know what to do..

And so it's on us,
To bring our women back,
To a place of peace,
To get us all back on track

For in the end,
She'll love us again,
The kids will smile at their mother,
And with peace and quiet, we all win..

Monday, August 3, 2009


I made the trip purposely,
Just to keep in touch,
And to think of what I might see,
Is always twice as much,

Under bridges,
Under cardboard,
Severe winds casted,
Far from what they've asked for,

Little children stirring,
Old men shake hands,
Beer bottles rolling,
No one day is ever planned,

Often hungry,
Always embracing a sign,
Making it very known
What things are on their mind,

I just came to chat today,
For the sake of conversation,
A day away from luxury,
Today is my vacation,

Sometime's it's all that's asked,
Just to show a little love,
All of them haven't been there long,
Nor is everyone on drugs,

Instead they've lost their jobs,
No family to depend on,
Mother is hidden in a created domain,
In the chrubbery trying to be strong,

And how might we ever judge,
Lest our last bite come upon us,
Lest our families be casted,
Upon the "wind blown" dust,

So the next time we complain,
The next time we tend to judge,
Think about how the dirt doth feel,
Especially when it's mud..

Saturday, August 1, 2009


I said hello,
Yet it was obvious that mother wanted more,
She said "lets try this again,"
Indeed I asked "what for?"

There he stood,
Dressed pants, and a button down,
A skinny tie, and shiny shoes,
His favorite color just might be brown,

You see,
I'd traveled this road a time or two,
They come into my mother's world,
And they were good at leaving too..

My mother,
Was indeed searching for a bliss,
And though I'd never utter such a thing..
It doesn't always come by a single kiss..

Even I knew this,
But father left her obscure,
And by these random nobody's,
She'd swear she had the cure..

These random nobody's
Could see mother's pain by far,
To the extent of watching her door,
Aware that it was indeed ajar,

Father and mother,
Were freshly separated,
And what door can stand such blow,
And what fence might remain gated?

Instead they attempt to climb,
Her rope of anguish,
Promising sweet nothings,
In some loving language,

And so I protect her,
Even though she despises it,
In hopes that she,
Shall utterly abhor, and stop this..

Yet she says that she needs love,
And who can argue such demand,
Therefore I work with these random nobody's
Until I see a man..

Monday, July 27, 2009


How long has it been?,
And love has yet to let us down,
You're still my burning passion
On this journey so lovely, so profound,

Your skin is not quite as smooth,
Your body has taken a toll over time,
But i wouldn't change a single thing,
Not your body, nor your mind.

Here lie my beautiful children,
All fashioned alike by your molding hands,
Little Michelle's walk has your name on it,
Tommy has your stance..

I just smile..
And hold it in place,
I just smile..
when I see your face,
When you're sleeping I kiss your lips,
Just to see you smirk,
And though it may take a while..
With one eye open you see me, and smile..

Oh my beloved help meet
Our bond, and our friendship is skin tight
And though I've never told you this..
The childlike angels kiss your cheek every night..

I just stand back and stare,
When you turn your head at breakfast,
When the wind comes in from the east,
And gives us a push in attempts to intersect us

But no...
Not one thing might intervene,
When the heavens open up for us...
Together shall we be seen,

Never apart..
Never apart,
Im in your blood now,
Traveling straightways to your heart,

I just smile,
And hold it in place,
I just smile..
When I see your face,
When you're sleeping, I kiss your lips,
Just to see you smirk,
And though it may take a while,
With one eye open, you see me and ... SMILE

Friday, July 24, 2009


How I wish that I were the mirror,
So I could watch you in the morning,
Your expression.., your stare,
Your hand over your mouth before yawning

And how I wish that I could see,
The way that you look before makeup,
The transition of paint, and foundation,
Watching how much time it takes up,

Or even how you walk across it,
Just to see if your jeans are too tight,
Asking yourself over and over again..
"Does this fit right..?"

How I wish that I could gaze into your eyes,
While eyebrows are being plucked
You put on your new eyelashes,
Before leaving, looking like a million bucks,

Then after a hard day at the office,
You strip off your clothes,
And stare at your weight,
From your breasts to your toes,

For some reason,
I'd catch you dancing naked,
Right before your husband catches you,
And how smoothly you'd try to fake it..

Then by night,
I'd watch you remove all of you,
Leaving me for a few hours to think of how you,
Shall return again by morning to start again brand new,

That's if i were a mirror,
If I were the mirror,
Being a woman,
Would then become to me, quite clearer..

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I never knew what love was
Until you opened your eyes,
I'm so uncertain that I'd ever experienced pain,
Until I heard your sorrowful cries,

I never had a friend so sincere,
When women cannot compare,
To the moments that we spend,
No one else exists, No one else is there,

Your smile puts me in a trance,
I could leave everything else behind,
I would give to you my life,
Ask for my soul, and I'd say "that's fine"

You are my reason for living,
The reason that I never give up,
When the raging waters try to shake us,
Daddy then stands tough,

Your entrance into the world,
Led me to think even deeper,
I just stared at you in amazement,
Like the discovery of a new creature

You will outlive all of my dreams,
You will embrace, and surpass my passions,
Never overlook the poor in this lifetime,
That's all that I'm asking..

Fly to the moon,
Create your own perspective,
Laugh at your calamities,
Retrace my untimely objectives

You are wonderful,
You are lovely,
You are always on your father's shoulders,
You will always be above me..

So fly free my little lady,
Into the lovely sky so blue,
Never, ever, question my love..
Your father indeed loves you!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mother.. (Nature)

From the day of my birth,
You shined your light,
Causing me to see the sun,
After nine months of night,

Somehow you took to me,
Like I was your favorite child,
You rained upon my stature,
When my world became mild,

You led me to the ocean,
Where my thoughts danced in your skin,
You became a piece of paper,
My voice was the pen,

I abused your fertile flesh,
I walked upon you daily,
Stepping on your seed of life,
Destroying the baby..

They covered your skin with gravel,
When you wanted to grow,
They placed wood upon your heart,
Stagnating your blood flow..

Yet and still you forgive,
You just allow your wind to blow..
And when you've had enough of the stress,
You release it by volcano..

I am guilty, so guilty,
I can not reply it all on paper,
But i will respect you in full,
And begin to reembrace your nature..

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Woman's Perspective (There's the door)

"A Woman's Perspective" was written in the mindset of a woman.
I took a second to get inside, and hear what she says. If you are in tune enough with yourself, YOU may be amazed what you hear. (BUT TELL 'EM BABY!!) Here it is.. "A Woman's Perspective."

I refuse to be treated
As though I'm so callow,
As though I know so very little,
And that I only want to battle,

I refuse to sit here crying,
Waiting for your dreams to come true,
No matter what I do it's not good enough,
Well not good enough for you..

You always want everything
To go your way,
You don't care about what I think,
Not even concerned with what I say..

If you want to treat me like..
It doesn't matter if I'm here,
If you want to make me feel dumb,
Let me make things clear.. (no more)
What is it that you take me for??
Here's my new thing..
(no more, no more... )
(There's the door, There's the door)
(no more, no more...)
There's the door..

Just because you buy me expensive things,
And you know I'm a fool for clothes
A nice sundress goes well
with the open toes..

Doesn't mean that you rule me,
Or that you can say what you want to say,
Disrespecting me in front of crowds..
It doesn't work that way..

My heart is here for you
And I respect what you do
I want to be here,
But remember that I have feelings too

Respect is the name of the game,
My intentions are never to harm you
Never to challenge your authority,
But to stand by you..
I know that you are the man..
But still you must understand..

If you want to treat me like,
It doesn't matter if I'm here,
If you want to make me feel dumb,
Let me make things clear (no more)
What is it that you take me for?
Here's my new thing..
(no more, no more...)
(There's the door, there's the door)
(No more, no more..)
There's the door..

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Letter to my brother

I take the time to reminisce,
Upon those times that tried us like fire,
The moments that we suffered together
Unaware of the separation that would transpire,

We fought to stay alive,
By eating each other’s food
Whatever parent had a morsel,
That’s the house we’d choose

Recall with me the pain for a bit,
Or shall we stay away lest we cry,
We would sit in random places
Asking the creator why…

Nothing became more painful,
Than the summer I left the slums,
My parents finally made it possible,
But what had we done?

Our separation created chaos,
I felt it the moment I left,
It was like taking your favorite novel,
And casting it upon the shelf,

Your journey eventually left you empty,
We used to speak on nice cars,
Who would ever think for a second,
That you would end up behind bars?

That just wasn’t you to me,
I wanted them to set you free,
So I just wrote to you,
And waited patiently,

You were set free by our father’s
The land smiled upon thee,
But you still had your issues lingering,
So how long would you stay free?

Before you entered again we spake of Cali,
And how they lied about the rain..
We spake of you coming with me,
But some things you just can’t change..

I was making a name for myself,
And you were doing more years,
Walking on eggshells,
Living your life in tears

But young brother I am here,
For we have the same blood,
We still wear the same “kings robe“,
Mine has just been washed from the mud

So until you return,
I salute thee from a low degree,
Until the Lords favor thee again,
In my prayers shall you always be..

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Getting back in touch

As a young man, my father taught me very early to express how you feel. If you get in trouble for it, at least it's off of your mind. Therefore what I feel is so important right now, is that men must go back to the heart of this matter. We must go back and win the hearts of our women again. It's not that we have lost them. But it's more about losing their trust/faith in us.

  • Many abuse our women verbally leaving them with self esteem issues.

  • Some are putting their hands on their women

  • We get greedy, yet we choose to be in a relationship, and still cheat.

  • Some of us are just on a POWER TRIP, and refuse to listen

  • Other's just don't know how to treat a lady.

Now I am not saying that I am not guilty, or have never been guilty, but I believe it's about bringing the issue to the table. Making sure that IF we see it, it is no longer covered by a napkin or a cloth. It's about being socially aware.

Women are very sensitive, very emotional. They can be our best friend if we put in the time. Take the time to listen to what they are trying to tell us. They have the ability to give you strength when you are down, leading us to a more healthier environment. We must take the time to be patient with our women. Let's try to treat them the way they want to be treated.


She was like an autumn evening,
I was the sun, and she became my moon,
I took care of her the best I could,
Consistently dancing to the beat of her tune,

But times instantly changed,
I got comfortable, and took her for granted,
I thought that she was just nagging,
I thought that she just loved to panic.

But she tried to tell me often,
I’m lonely, “please spend some time”
Stubbornly I continued my endeavors,
Selfishly, I decided to shun the warning sign,

Sadly I’m no longer with her,
She was last seen in the arms of another man,
Smiling and in the process of marriage,
I was last seen attempting to understand,

And how could I be angry,
How could I be angry with this man?
He does all the things I used to,
Placing a ring on her hand,

I attended the ceremony,
I found myself staring aimlessly..
It was extremely hard for me to see,
Her kissing this man at the alter, that wasn’t me.

Before stepping out of the wedding,
She made eye contact, and slowly looked away,
As if to make a statement known to me,
Take care of your next woman this way…