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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Letter to my brother

I take the time to reminisce,
Upon those times that tried us like fire,
The moments that we suffered together
Unaware of the separation that would transpire,

We fought to stay alive,
By eating each other’s food
Whatever parent had a morsel,
That’s the house we’d choose

Recall with me the pain for a bit,
Or shall we stay away lest we cry,
We would sit in random places
Asking the creator why…

Nothing became more painful,
Than the summer I left the slums,
My parents finally made it possible,
But what had we done?

Our separation created chaos,
I felt it the moment I left,
It was like taking your favorite novel,
And casting it upon the shelf,

Your journey eventually left you empty,
We used to speak on nice cars,
Who would ever think for a second,
That you would end up behind bars?

That just wasn’t you to me,
I wanted them to set you free,
So I just wrote to you,
And waited patiently,

You were set free by our father’s
The land smiled upon thee,
But you still had your issues lingering,
So how long would you stay free?

Before you entered again we spake of Cali,
And how they lied about the rain..
We spake of you coming with me,
But some things you just can’t change..

I was making a name for myself,
And you were doing more years,
Walking on eggshells,
Living your life in tears

But young brother I am here,
For we have the same blood,
We still wear the same “kings robe“,
Mine has just been washed from the mud

So until you return,
I salute thee from a low degree,
Until the Lords favor thee again,
In my prayers shall you always be..


  1. w0w.! thats deep.. like really i g0t tears here.. y0u talented:) keep it up!

  2. Def. Feelinq This... Btw This Is @HisBaddWun

  3. Bonds beyond blood and DNA....what a magnificent model of love and empathy. Our loved ones stray.....we pray and bring them back into the fold. You are an exquisite Man.....but you already know that...lol...I've read this before. Powerful!