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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Faithfulness 2u

Lori left Todd,
For a Mustang driver,
With dice in the mirror,
And tinted windows to hide her,

Mark waits till Shelly
Showers and says goodnight,
To text a married woman,
Lying outside her husbands sight,

You watch the tales at breakfast,
In front of your flat screen tv,
With a blueberry waffle on the end of your fork,
And your eggs made over easy,

You shake your head,
With your hand over your mouth like a yawn,
And wonder to yourself,
If you’ll be the next one to get cheated on,

The truth of the matter is,
That what others do,
Plays no part in our love
Or my faithfulness to u,

You just got off the phone,
And asked me if I heard the news,
That left you standing there speechless,
With an attitude, they said..

Sara went to Miami to visit her mother,
Leaving her boyfriend John alone,
Who invited an upscale accountant,
To stay in their Savannah home,

They walked the beach at midnight,
Kissed below the yellow moon,
Until Sara came home a day early,
Finding them both in the bedroom,

Now you’re really convinced
That love is dead in the end,
And how could u ever trust me,
If John happened to be my friend?

But the truth of the matter is,
That what others do…
Plays no part in our love,
Or my faithfulness to u..

Friday, September 9, 2011

Just Wish U'd Hear Me Too...

Went into the city
To climb a skyscraper,
And say aloud my prayer requests
From this wrinkled piece of paper,

Yelled into the night,
Below that crescent moon,
That kept hiding behind the smell,
Of the rain clouds perfume,

They say its loud in heaven,
With all the singing and chanting,
Handclaps that sound like thunder,
Foot stomps, and holy dancing,

Maybe that’s why u haven’t answered,
There’s angels around u,
Talking your ear off,
Just wish u’d hear me too…

Grandma says to pray,
That your holy will be done,
And life aint all about me,
“Don’t be selfish son,”

But I don’t understand that,
Cause Johnny got his dreams,
As evil as he is,
You still gave him the means,

And Bobby was on drugs,
He smoked them everyday,
AND sold some to the children,
That’s how he got paid,

Maybe that’s it,
I’ve been a selfish fool,
And u hear those who aren’t,
Just wish u’d hear me too..

The preacher has it all,
In his brand new three piece suit
Golden cuff links glisten,
While he shouts the gospel truth,

The congregation screams,
Just like a concert show,
They hold their bibles up,
And catch the holy ghost,

They point their boney fingers,
In displeasure my way,
And say if I were in church often,
I’d have what I want today…

Maybe that’s it,
Everyone else just knows the truth
And im okay with that,
Just wish u’d hear me too…

Don had diabetes,
He pricked his fingertips,
Often four times daily,
Checked his blood on testing strips

Said that he was tired,
And needles made him sick,
So he quit them altogether,
And walked away from it,

U stepped up at the time,
Set his body free,
His wife start trusting u again,
And said that she believes,

Maybe that’s it,
Healing the sick is overdue,
And Im not tryna jump the line,
Just wish u’d hear me too…

Thursday, September 8, 2011


The room is lit with candles,
The music’s soft and slow,
This mood is set for two,
Ok, so here we go,

U offer me that look,
And ask me bed or floor,
I say it doesn’t matter,
As long as u let go,

Don’t be insecure,
Girl don’t close the blinds,
Not looking for ur flaws,
I’ll make your body shine…
if u let me..

Gonna take my time,
Cause I have other plans,
To make ur body shiver,
From passion and romance,

I’ll let u take control,
Unless u are opposed,
Or I can climb on top,
U know how this thing goes,

Touch you in your spot,
Ur quick to squirm away,
Im quick to pull u back,
And tell u “not today..”
if u let me..

I promise to go deeper,
If u can handle that,
I’ll make sure I go faster,
If u can throw it back

Connect with ur soul,
Its so spiritual,
Make ur love come down,
Its our ritual,

U don’t have to fear,
Ill be here at daybreak,
Right here next to u,
However long our love takes…
If u let me

Saturday, August 6, 2011


When I’m heavy in thought,
You’re always there to move me,
When I’m not the pick of the litter,
You’ll be there to choose me,

Its something about how
You find a way inside,
With the syringe of love
Through my veins you take a ride,

You plug the chords
To my guitar,
And bring a match
To my dim and darkened star,

You sock it to me,
When I’m barefoot and poor,
When I’m behind in the lead,
You settle the score,

Stick around forever,
Or at least for eternity,
And if God calls me home first,
It’s a no deal situation unless u go with me

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


You have the tendency
To still want to protect
What was once in the shadow
Of your footsteps

Until the sun blossomed,
Into a fiery flame
That day by day
Became harder to sustain,

Instead of attempting
To put out the blaze
Its proper to just enjoy
The warmth of the sunrays

I’m a man now,
Suffer me 2be free,
You’ve planted the flower,
Let God water the seed

Ive been in the garden
While you stood by
Held on to my roots,
Before reaching for the sky

Cherished the grounds,
And broke free in the wind
Say that I fall over
On you I can depend

To replant the soil,
To fertilize my mind,
Let me stand alone,
Promise I’ll be fine

I’m a man now,
Suffer me 2be free,
You’ve planted the flower,
Let God water the seed

Friday, July 15, 2011

Laura Lee

Laura Lee..
Why u wanna leave,
It cant be that bad
At least not to me,

I never meant to hurt u
Don’t drift away,
Plus it’s a long walk on foot
Where would u go anyway?

Laura Lee.. Laura Lee
Stay with me
Til I get it together
And be the man I can be,
Don’t leave,
Don’t u leave me
Laura Lee..

Hey Laura Lee..
Maybe I was raised wrong
I never saw my daddy
Turn mama on,

Now im just a product
Of what he used to be
Laura Lee, Laura Lee,
Bear with me…

Laura Lee.. Laura Lee
Stay with me
Til I get it together
And be the man I can be,
Don’t leave,
Don’t u leave me
Laura Lee..

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Enough Time (The Excuse)

Wish I could show you how much I care,
But I haven’t enough time,
Day light is never enough,
And midnight should be fine,

But by then you’ll be sleeping,
You won’t have enough time,
Dreams will have other plans,
For the corners of your mind,

I’d love and kiss you,
Kiss and love you,
I promise we’ll be fine,
I’d do whatever you ask me to,
If there was enough time,

Wish I could show how much I love you,
But I’m crazy about you all the time,
I can’t show you how I adore you,
If I’m not in my right mind,

You can’t rush a love like this,
Cause true love is hard to find,
One day I’ll put a ring on your finger,
The very second I have time,

I’d love and kiss you,
Kiss and love you,
I promise we’ll be fine,
I’d do whatever you ask me to,
If there was enough time,

Friday, April 22, 2011

(Excerpts from) A Traveling Man

A traveling man I am,
Bags packed, closing the gate,
The city's calling for me,
And why should I make her wait?

The world needs me,
Left my lady mid sentence cryin’
No disrespect intended,
But I just don’t have the time,

I’m a traveling man,
A traveling man,
Bags swinging at my hip,
Don’t know where im headed,
Ain’t that a trip?

A traveling man I am,
Got no time for idle talk,
Got a train to catch,
If I miss it, then ill walk,

The women love me,
They all stop and stare,
Romance, and gone by morning,
You’d hardly know I was there,

Cause Im a traveling man,
A traveling man,
Bags swinging at my hip,
Don’t know where im headed,
Aint that a trip?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Two Trips...

Woke up the other night and reached for you,
Just before realizing that you weren’t there,
Its been weeks since I‘ve touched your soul,
And hours since we’ve embraced the midnight air,

Poured myself a steaming cup of tea,
Pulled out a saucer, placed the mug, and poured you one too,
A bit of a habit of mine I suppose,
For whatever I do for me, I always do for you,

Went shopping around noon just to grab a few things,
Almost bought u an evening gown to seduce me,
Literally fingering the words to your phone number
To invite you to dinner, and perhaps a movie,

Hopped in a taxi and thought to stop by,
Perhaps we could stroll the park and toss white bread to hungry waddling birds,
Or catch the late night train downtown,
Sitting close enough to fall upon one another during every sharply turned curve,

Somehow that time alone sparked a flame,
The flick of the lighter, the smoke from loves embrace fills the compartment
Kissing and heavy touching in those vacant hallways,
Sequentially lead us back to my apartment,

Voices echo from the sixteenth floor,
You preferred love making with an open window,
Said it released the spirits into the atmosphere,
When the gusting wind did cast them out, we’d be the first to know,

Flawless transgressions, we assumed that God was pleased,
It was more than lust, which created a new covenant between us,
The fact that if we were wrong in doing so, the angels always turned their heads,
Because the sexual etiquette was a must,

The memories appear in my head in black and white,
Perhaps the past displays no form of color,
Flavorless imaginations, chasing a taste of savor,
Sticking to the boiling pot of my brain, because of no cerebral butter,

All that I desire is you…..
Another moment to touch your heart even if it means bloody fingertips,
And if I must travel to the end of the mental horizon chasing the moon,
My heart is gassed up and prepared to make two trips…

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Never been the type to hold you back,
When the morning stretched its hand out to you,
No, I wouldn’t dare intercept its reach,
Or cloud your path by fog, creating a murky view,

For if anyone knew that life was a challenge,
A struggle beyond measures, it was indeed I,
Shifting my happiness into the sixth gear manually,
When I wanted to thereby beam towards life… for you, I’d cry

The sun gave very little respect to your endeavors,
Grey clouds just seemed to impress you more,
And here I am listening to the voices of my peers,
“Let her decay” they’d say, for she’s rotten to the core,

I’d never call you a prostitute,
For that term never felt right for my lips to say,
Rather a beautiful friend of mine caught in a maze of sexual frustration,
Searching out the depths of hell to find her way,

The right to judge you never felt more horrid,
Especially after battling my own satanic devil, and locusts
The tragedy is that we all strive for Love,
And should be injected by its syringe in doses,

The smell of alcohol, foreign perfume, and night ramblers,
All nestled within the fabric of your skin,
And then your own fragrance that you’d keep in your pocketbook,
That never did quite blend in,

You’d stay at my place for a few nights,
To cope with the norm, and feel my body heat next to you,
And I’d allow you to do so on several occasions,
Because strangely, it did something for me too,

Late night conversations way past 3 a.m.
Your back against my chest, naked porcelain skin enticed,
Caressing the portrait of your frame from your breasts to your inner thighs,
Yet never overstepping that boundary, for it just didn’t seem right,

By morning I’d hear the door shut,
But never quite closed fully, instead allowing a gap of light to seep,
Uncertain of if you were coming back, I never asked questions,
I’d leave it unlatched for an hour or so, just to wait and see,

It’s been a while now since a pebble has ticked my window,
And a subtle voice has yelled, “are u still awake?”
From time to time I look down into the grassy area where you’d stand waiting for an answer,
But nevermore, have you returned by fate,


Friday, January 21, 2011

In Love Again

The silent clouds tend to roll away,
The moment you enter the room I feel my soul quake,
Instantly the rush of blood in my heart has company,
Because I can feel it palpitate

And if sweat beads upon my forehead,
I'm certain that the winged angel has located my dwelling again,
Although I dodged the steady bow for quite some time,
The piercing arrow that was once in the air has finally broken my skin,

The aching bruise is deep,
Red and swollen with passion’s glory,
For hours I stare into the eyes of this foreign creature,
No words are spoken, but she and I both know the story,

I promised myself that I wouldn’t do this,
Took the oath, and tossed the thought into the subtle wind,
Standing tall, I took a step overlooking the bump in the road,
And fell in love again….

Heaven appears when you hold my hand,
The decrepit streets are paved in gold,
God smiles and says “let there be”
And then creates one soul….

It was said that passion has been found in the pot,
The moment we unite the proper ingredients,
Alleviating our garments, before we intertwine,
Making love slowly, nothing should be expedient..

Just when I thought the gift of love was for someone else,
You unwrapped the fiction from the tree of loose leaf,
So many have been muffled by the hands of time, and find it hard to speak
But Love is not always about speaking, but more so about reach,

I promised myself that I wouldn’t do this,
Took the oath, and tossed the thought into the subtle wind,
Standing tall, I took a step overlooking the bump in the road,
And fell in love again….