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Saturday, February 18, 2012


The world i'd offer u,
If god was loyal,
Enough to see it thru,
Wrapped inside this coil,
That we call Love….

The same exact glow,
That drove me to glee,
The moment u exposed,
Who u were to me,
I hold firmly,

Before the lions pulpit,
We say our vows and slip,
This ring, from heavens grip,
And seal it with a kiss,
I wont break my promise,

This drum plays love,
This heartbeat a trumpet,
A symphony for us,
To play and have fun with,
No we wont go stale,

i'll watch u grow,
By stomach and by stature,
Nine months and we’ll know,
Cherubs in the pasture,
Cherishing u as I do,

When the day comes,
Heading towards the sand,
We’ll see what we’ve done,
Eyes closing hand in hand,
Settled in the garden.