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Sunday, October 3, 2010

U Owe Me..........

Home alone,
And I haven’t seen her all week,
The dangerous curves on her body
Has my mind off course so to speak,

Now I wouldn’t consider it banker’s hours,
And I’m sure that she’s fast asleep,
But the faucet of love needs to be properly tightened,
If I plan to stop this leak,

If you were to lay eyes on her briefly,
You would definitely want a peek,
You’d awake her from her beauty rest,
Instead of saying, “let her sleep,”

Therefore I make that phone call,
Envisioning her on the pillow, lifting her head,
Hearing my ring tone, she desires more sleep,
But tosses her covers back, and pulls herself out of bed instead,

At this hour, she’s aware of my desires,
And vows to please me by all means,
Freshens up, pulls hair back in a ponytail, & throws on a pair of sweats,
Hops in the car, and waits for each red light to turn green,

After opening the door, she gives me an angry stare,
But quickly snickers with glee,
Hugs me, lays her overnight bag carefully on the sofa,
And says “ For waking me up so late, you know you owe me!”