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Monday, February 15, 2010


There were but two souls,
Stirring within the land,
One was obviously me,
The other held my hand,

And yes she was stunning,
The sun bowed before her elegant feet,
The wind draped around her curves,
And under her garments so to speak,

You could see through her white gown,
Clear as the crisp morning sky,
But she only allowed me to stare briefly,
Then she’d give me the evil eye,

Her lips spewed words of honey,
Her eyes could see into my soul,
And so it was hard to deceive her morning flower,
You had to wait for it to unfold,

Patience was key,
It would open the lock to her heart in time,
Though she could do without my sexual excess,
She was focused on nurturing my mind,

Being certain that her duties were well done,
Yes and done well,
She cherished the life that was inside of me,
Never focused on my human captivity, nor my mental cell,

The beauty of being beautiful,
More striking than anything that I’d ever envisioned upon the earth,
It wasn't her elegance, her grace, or her beauty that made her beautiful,
Instead, it was the fact that she put me first.