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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Images On The Wall

A dark room, with a humble fire blazing,
Slow tunes leak from the speakers silently,
She steps in the bedroom from a shower,
Without a towel, displaying nudity,

It’s all just a show,
She’s aware that I’m in the shadows,
Her body glistens from the blazing fireplace,
Hastily… Cupid arrives with two arrows,

I’m utterly struck first….
And so I focus on her seductive curves,
Whispering, “Come to me”
Struck second, she embraces my words,

Thank you cupid,
But for you kind sir, that will be all…..
Its time for us to create images,
On the wall….

Full of love, I stand tall,
She forcefully thrusts me back to the chair,
Sizzling flames flicker aggressively,
Love fills the air….

She inhales me in full,
Before I exhale,
In my lap purring like a kitten,
Upon the ocean of love, she sets sail…

And there’s nothing I can do,
There’s nothing I can say,
Therefore I sit back,
And let her have her way…..

Thank u cupid,
For the arrows, and all…
Without a shadow of a doubt,
We create images on the wall……

Sunday, May 16, 2010

To You... (My Friend.)

You’ve never treated me different,
Even when I had less,
You took the time to give me your wisdom,
You studied my mind, and my heart you’d caress,

I was just a burden,
And could bring you no gain,
And when I was just a portrait..
You provided a frame,

Love was unconditional,
Though you had it all,
I was short of good fortune,
But u helped me stand tall,

My friend, oh friend,
I am always in your debt,
And though you won’t accept it,
You have my respect,

You have my shoulder,
As long as I live,
You have my heart,
So grab a hold of my rib…

Therefore, never be afraid to ask,
I owe you that much,
And if you need me to keep you standing,
I’ll be there as your crutch….

My friend, oh friend, I’ll never forget,
Even if this world should end,
I’ll create another,
And establish us again.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Her Frustration...

It was a usual evening,
Me and my thinking,
A cup of tea in my hand,
Sipping it slowly, I’d hardly call it drinking,

I watched the subtle ocean,
Just below the sunlight,
But her cry seemed a bit fierce,
The peace within her wasn’t quite right,

I dipped my hand in the water,
And tasted her salty tears,
A pure faucet of hot water,
Not as calm as she appears,

Removing my shoes,
I walked towards the sun, and her core
Allowing the water to rest upon my waistline,
Swaying me back, and forth,

And there I cried out “say on”
Tell me the truth in your story,
Who hast defamed thee?
Who has infected your righteous glory?

From the east came the wind,
Creating vehement waves of hurt,
Soiled water, Styrofoam cups floating,
Random particles, pieces of a shirt,

I listened carefully,
As she spake of her tale,
She wanted to be free from it all,
The oil, the blood, and foreign eggshells,

For years she had housed folly,
All nested in her skin,
She wanted to release her frustration,
Instead of holding it all in….

And who could blame her,
It was like venom in her blood,
The ocean was slowly dying,
From impurity, and no love,

Before drifting I said “I love you”
And headed back to the shore,
A voice whispered from the wind,
I love you much more…….