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Sunday, May 16, 2010

To You... (My Friend.)

You’ve never treated me different,
Even when I had less,
You took the time to give me your wisdom,
You studied my mind, and my heart you’d caress,

I was just a burden,
And could bring you no gain,
And when I was just a portrait..
You provided a frame,

Love was unconditional,
Though you had it all,
I was short of good fortune,
But u helped me stand tall,

My friend, oh friend,
I am always in your debt,
And though you won’t accept it,
You have my respect,

You have my shoulder,
As long as I live,
You have my heart,
So grab a hold of my rib…

Therefore, never be afraid to ask,
I owe you that much,
And if you need me to keep you standing,
I’ll be there as your crutch….

My friend, oh friend, I’ll never forget,
Even if this world should end,
I’ll create another,
And establish us again.


  1. Gosh, I have one of those...you're surely worth it. :')

  2. BRILLIANT:Loved every word.

    Have a lovely day.

  3. this poem is beautiful...i love it and to the writer...god bless your skills

  4. Mr. Lucciano, what a simply divine piece.....one dedicated to "phileo" love...brotherly love..I think a love that is the foundation for all love..greater or lesser...Your sweet heart and words that arouse the best in us are such a gift...no wonder we check in with you weekly, daily, hourly....you and I MUST collaborate on a painting...perhaps all words and color....I am thinking....I am thinking (and feeling..of course!)

  5. Beautiful...I can relate! True words from a beautiful soul...

  6. an unconditional love. beautiful