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Monday, July 27, 2009


How long has it been?,
And love has yet to let us down,
You're still my burning passion
On this journey so lovely, so profound,

Your skin is not quite as smooth,
Your body has taken a toll over time,
But i wouldn't change a single thing,
Not your body, nor your mind.

Here lie my beautiful children,
All fashioned alike by your molding hands,
Little Michelle's walk has your name on it,
Tommy has your stance..

I just smile..
And hold it in place,
I just smile..
when I see your face,
When you're sleeping I kiss your lips,
Just to see you smirk,
And though it may take a while..
With one eye open you see me, and smile..

Oh my beloved help meet
Our bond, and our friendship is skin tight
And though I've never told you this..
The childlike angels kiss your cheek every night..

I just stand back and stare,
When you turn your head at breakfast,
When the wind comes in from the east,
And gives us a push in attempts to intersect us

But no...
Not one thing might intervene,
When the heavens open up for us...
Together shall we be seen,

Never apart..
Never apart,
Im in your blood now,
Traveling straightways to your heart,

I just smile,
And hold it in place,
I just smile..
When I see your face,
When you're sleeping, I kiss your lips,
Just to see you smirk,
And though it may take a while,
With one eye open, you see me and ... SMILE

Friday, July 24, 2009


How I wish that I were the mirror,
So I could watch you in the morning,
Your expression.., your stare,
Your hand over your mouth before yawning

And how I wish that I could see,
The way that you look before makeup,
The transition of paint, and foundation,
Watching how much time it takes up,

Or even how you walk across it,
Just to see if your jeans are too tight,
Asking yourself over and over again..
"Does this fit right..?"

How I wish that I could gaze into your eyes,
While eyebrows are being plucked
You put on your new eyelashes,
Before leaving, looking like a million bucks,

Then after a hard day at the office,
You strip off your clothes,
And stare at your weight,
From your breasts to your toes,

For some reason,
I'd catch you dancing naked,
Right before your husband catches you,
And how smoothly you'd try to fake it..

Then by night,
I'd watch you remove all of you,
Leaving me for a few hours to think of how you,
Shall return again by morning to start again brand new,

That's if i were a mirror,
If I were the mirror,
Being a woman,
Would then become to me, quite clearer..

Saturday, July 11, 2009


I never knew what love was
Until you opened your eyes,
I'm so uncertain that I'd ever experienced pain,
Until I heard your sorrowful cries,

I never had a friend so sincere,
When women cannot compare,
To the moments that we spend,
No one else exists, No one else is there,

Your smile puts me in a trance,
I could leave everything else behind,
I would give to you my life,
Ask for my soul, and I'd say "that's fine"

You are my reason for living,
The reason that I never give up,
When the raging waters try to shake us,
Daddy then stands tough,

Your entrance into the world,
Led me to think even deeper,
I just stared at you in amazement,
Like the discovery of a new creature

You will outlive all of my dreams,
You will embrace, and surpass my passions,
Never overlook the poor in this lifetime,
That's all that I'm asking..

Fly to the moon,
Create your own perspective,
Laugh at your calamities,
Retrace my untimely objectives

You are wonderful,
You are lovely,
You are always on your father's shoulders,
You will always be above me..

So fly free my little lady,
Into the lovely sky so blue,
Never, ever, question my love..
Your father indeed loves you!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mother.. (Nature)

From the day of my birth,
You shined your light,
Causing me to see the sun,
After nine months of night,

Somehow you took to me,
Like I was your favorite child,
You rained upon my stature,
When my world became mild,

You led me to the ocean,
Where my thoughts danced in your skin,
You became a piece of paper,
My voice was the pen,

I abused your fertile flesh,
I walked upon you daily,
Stepping on your seed of life,
Destroying the baby..

They covered your skin with gravel,
When you wanted to grow,
They placed wood upon your heart,
Stagnating your blood flow..

Yet and still you forgive,
You just allow your wind to blow..
And when you've had enough of the stress,
You release it by volcano..

I am guilty, so guilty,
I can not reply it all on paper,
But i will respect you in full,
And begin to reembrace your nature..

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Woman's Perspective (There's the door)

"A Woman's Perspective" was written in the mindset of a woman.
I took a second to get inside, and hear what she says. If you are in tune enough with yourself, YOU may be amazed what you hear. (BUT TELL 'EM BABY!!) Here it is.. "A Woman's Perspective."

I refuse to be treated
As though I'm so callow,
As though I know so very little,
And that I only want to battle,

I refuse to sit here crying,
Waiting for your dreams to come true,
No matter what I do it's not good enough,
Well not good enough for you..

You always want everything
To go your way,
You don't care about what I think,
Not even concerned with what I say..

If you want to treat me like..
It doesn't matter if I'm here,
If you want to make me feel dumb,
Let me make things clear.. (no more)
What is it that you take me for??
Here's my new thing..
(no more, no more... )
(There's the door, There's the door)
(no more, no more...)
There's the door..

Just because you buy me expensive things,
And you know I'm a fool for clothes
A nice sundress goes well
with the open toes..

Doesn't mean that you rule me,
Or that you can say what you want to say,
Disrespecting me in front of crowds..
It doesn't work that way..

My heart is here for you
And I respect what you do
I want to be here,
But remember that I have feelings too

Respect is the name of the game,
My intentions are never to harm you
Never to challenge your authority,
But to stand by you..
I know that you are the man..
But still you must understand..

If you want to treat me like,
It doesn't matter if I'm here,
If you want to make me feel dumb,
Let me make things clear (no more)
What is it that you take me for?
Here's my new thing..
(no more, no more...)
(There's the door, there's the door)
(No more, no more..)
There's the door..