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Monday, July 27, 2009


How long has it been?,
And love has yet to let us down,
You're still my burning passion
On this journey so lovely, so profound,

Your skin is not quite as smooth,
Your body has taken a toll over time,
But i wouldn't change a single thing,
Not your body, nor your mind.

Here lie my beautiful children,
All fashioned alike by your molding hands,
Little Michelle's walk has your name on it,
Tommy has your stance..

I just smile..
And hold it in place,
I just smile..
when I see your face,
When you're sleeping I kiss your lips,
Just to see you smirk,
And though it may take a while..
With one eye open you see me, and smile..

Oh my beloved help meet
Our bond, and our friendship is skin tight
And though I've never told you this..
The childlike angels kiss your cheek every night..

I just stand back and stare,
When you turn your head at breakfast,
When the wind comes in from the east,
And gives us a push in attempts to intersect us

But no...
Not one thing might intervene,
When the heavens open up for us...
Together shall we be seen,

Never apart..
Never apart,
Im in your blood now,
Traveling straightways to your heart,

I just smile,
And hold it in place,
I just smile..
When I see your face,
When you're sleeping, I kiss your lips,
Just to see you smirk,
And though it may take a while,
With one eye open, you see me and ... SMILE


  1. This poem is so sweet! The words are gentle yet so powerful to touch the heart. :)

  2. Beautiful! (Words and feelings like this can make a sista *swoon*)

  3. Thank you for the anniversary wish. Very nice poem. Don't see many writers of poems any more but I think it is great. Keep it up. Stop by any time. I love having new friends.

  4. Beautiful poem makes me smile :) Thank you for sharing, with one eye open, still smile, so sweet :)

  5. Thanks for the smile on my face (@^.^@)
    Fantastic poem :)
    Thanks for your visit !!!

  6. Hahaha....so eloquently spoken brother! So well spoken.

  7. Of course, I like this