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Saturday, August 1, 2009


I said hello,
Yet it was obvious that mother wanted more,
She said "lets try this again,"
Indeed I asked "what for?"

There he stood,
Dressed pants, and a button down,
A skinny tie, and shiny shoes,
His favorite color just might be brown,

You see,
I'd traveled this road a time or two,
They come into my mother's world,
And they were good at leaving too..

My mother,
Was indeed searching for a bliss,
And though I'd never utter such a thing..
It doesn't always come by a single kiss..

Even I knew this,
But father left her obscure,
And by these random nobody's,
She'd swear she had the cure..

These random nobody's
Could see mother's pain by far,
To the extent of watching her door,
Aware that it was indeed ajar,

Father and mother,
Were freshly separated,
And what door can stand such blow,
And what fence might remain gated?

Instead they attempt to climb,
Her rope of anguish,
Promising sweet nothings,
In some loving language,

And so I protect her,
Even though she despises it,
In hopes that she,
Shall utterly abhor, and stop this..

Yet she says that she needs love,
And who can argue such demand,
Therefore I work with these random nobody's
Until I see a man..


  1. Its perfect :)
    So lovely words ....

  2. This blog is so deeply entrenched. I am literally at loss of words. I will still consistently endorse your artistry. This piece is breathtaking my friend...utterly, breathtaking.

  3. Your poetry is food for brain and soul!

  4. so well written and touching . . as always.

  5. Wow...that is all could say!!
    that was very well versed ....wow..

  6. I can imagine those feelings.