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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


There wasn’t much that I could do for her,
Now that she had chosen him,
Not that I am better than he,
Or that for her, I’d even go out on a limb,

But her conversation needed my answers,
Her heart still wanted wisdom,
It was like removing the blood from her veins,
After having tasted it, in her system,

And what could I do?
She was a dazzling bride,
A new found princess to her prince,
Yet and still empty inside,

She needed me,
But I would never utter such a thing,
At least not again,
I’d rather just suffer the bells to ring..

Ring thunderously, ring annoyingly,
Do chime, and clamor away,
Chime for our futures sake,
Ring bells until the pain drifts away..

I hear that you love him,
More than the moon adores the night,
More than the stars love it’s twinkling,
More than the blind desires sight,

And am I a madman,
Creating an insurmountable steeple?
That none may climb to the top of it,
And congregate with the sane minded people?

When the night falls upon the earth harshly,
And the shadows appear on walls from candlesticks,
When the minutes become hours,
Do you not think of me within each tick?

I’d rather cast this dreary thought,
Into the puddle of hell..
And watch it sail across the ocean,
With the sound of the foreign bells..

Ring thunderously, ring annoyingly,
Do chime, and clamor away,
Chime for our futures sake,
Ring bells until the pain drifts away..

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Taken UP

To the top of the mountain,
Was I taken and snatched,
Without a garment upon me,
Neither scarf, nor hat,

I embraced the foreign wind,
Stared at the massive sea,
Being lifted into the atmosphere,
By a being, whose face I couldn’t see,

He said only “trust me”
And so I sailed away,
Entering the heavens,
Until the cars did fade away,

The gray cloud surrounded us,
So no man could view us viewing,
Two men stood beside me,
Swords in hand, to keep out the pursuing,

The face of him was yet blurry,
But I could see him smile,
He whispered, “lay your mental bags down,“
Stay here for a while,

We ate, and we laughed,
As though the world didn’t exist,
He spake words to me unheard of,
Some hit, but most I missed,

Arise young man,
Arise young man and stare,
Stare at this world,
Be sure to take good care..

It is filled with many,
Many has filled its arms,
Shield it by bow and arrow,
Keep it safe from harm,

Speak wisdom to the youth,
With fire, cleanse soiled hands,
Grab the young lions by the beard,
Show them a man…

Never depart from the damsels,
Show them their respect,
Tell them not to settle,
To the best of their intellect,

It was written,
And so it was said,
I feinted at that point,
And was taken to my bed,

Those words took me,
Like blood runs through the veins,
I hopped up to write what I remembered,
Discarding the remains..