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Friday, April 22, 2011

(Excerpts from) A Traveling Man

A traveling man I am,
Bags packed, closing the gate,
The city's calling for me,
And why should I make her wait?

The world needs me,
Left my lady mid sentence cryin’
No disrespect intended,
But I just don’t have the time,

I’m a traveling man,
A traveling man,
Bags swinging at my hip,
Don’t know where im headed,
Ain’t that a trip?

A traveling man I am,
Got no time for idle talk,
Got a train to catch,
If I miss it, then ill walk,

The women love me,
They all stop and stare,
Romance, and gone by morning,
You’d hardly know I was there,

Cause Im a traveling man,
A traveling man,
Bags swinging at my hip,
Don’t know where im headed,
Aint that a trip?

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Two Trips...

Woke up the other night and reached for you,
Just before realizing that you weren’t there,
Its been weeks since I‘ve touched your soul,
And hours since we’ve embraced the midnight air,

Poured myself a steaming cup of tea,
Pulled out a saucer, placed the mug, and poured you one too,
A bit of a habit of mine I suppose,
For whatever I do for me, I always do for you,

Went shopping around noon just to grab a few things,
Almost bought u an evening gown to seduce me,
Literally fingering the words to your phone number
To invite you to dinner, and perhaps a movie,

Hopped in a taxi and thought to stop by,
Perhaps we could stroll the park and toss white bread to hungry waddling birds,
Or catch the late night train downtown,
Sitting close enough to fall upon one another during every sharply turned curve,

Somehow that time alone sparked a flame,
The flick of the lighter, the smoke from loves embrace fills the compartment
Kissing and heavy touching in those vacant hallways,
Sequentially lead us back to my apartment,

Voices echo from the sixteenth floor,
You preferred love making with an open window,
Said it released the spirits into the atmosphere,
When the gusting wind did cast them out, we’d be the first to know,

Flawless transgressions, we assumed that God was pleased,
It was more than lust, which created a new covenant between us,
The fact that if we were wrong in doing so, the angels always turned their heads,
Because the sexual etiquette was a must,

The memories appear in my head in black and white,
Perhaps the past displays no form of color,
Flavorless imaginations, chasing a taste of savor,
Sticking to the boiling pot of my brain, because of no cerebral butter,

All that I desire is you…..
Another moment to touch your heart even if it means bloody fingertips,
And if I must travel to the end of the mental horizon chasing the moon,
My heart is gassed up and prepared to make two trips…