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Monday, August 3, 2009


I made the trip purposely,
Just to keep in touch,
And to think of what I might see,
Is always twice as much,

Under bridges,
Under cardboard,
Severe winds casted,
Far from what they've asked for,

Little children stirring,
Old men shake hands,
Beer bottles rolling,
No one day is ever planned,

Often hungry,
Always embracing a sign,
Making it very known
What things are on their mind,

I just came to chat today,
For the sake of conversation,
A day away from luxury,
Today is my vacation,

Sometime's it's all that's asked,
Just to show a little love,
All of them haven't been there long,
Nor is everyone on drugs,

Instead they've lost their jobs,
No family to depend on,
Mother is hidden in a created domain,
In the chrubbery trying to be strong,

And how might we ever judge,
Lest our last bite come upon us,
Lest our families be casted,
Upon the "wind blown" dust,

So the next time we complain,
The next time we tend to judge,
Think about how the dirt doth feel,
Especially when it's mud..


  1. This reminds me of Arrested Development's song Mr. Wendal. "...uncivilized we call him, but i just saw him eat off the food we waste..."

    Your eyes are open, G Lu.

  2. I really like this. Great work.

  3. That is terrific and hard hitting words. I still think of Katrina and the horrible conditions and I truly believe someone has let those people down.

  4. So real...reality is that anyone of us could be there...Sometimes we lose sight of our humanity, the way people deal with the homeless. Truth be told most folks are just one check away from being in that situation. Thank You for keepin me focused today.

  5. Your words are soooooooo TRUE :)
    Love the picture !!

  6. This bought tears to my eyes. I've been there...I know what it feels like. No support from a soul. It was a deeply dark season of my life. I came through it because the Father endowed me with a peace & strength that could have only come from him. Keep writing. Don't ever stop. You have my deepest respect.

  7. Hi Greetings:)

    Beautifully crafted poem with profound meaning.

    This reminds me of the saying--I COMPLAINED I HAD NO SHOES UNTIL I SAW A MAN WITHOUT FEET.

    If we move around with our eyes open we can see so many of our less fortunate brothers and sisters out there in the open without shelter, without decent means of living yet bravely facing each day as it comes.

    God has blessed us with so many wonderful things in life and we take them for granted. We always want more of this and that. We envy our neighbors and friends because they have somethings which we don;t have.

    At present in India the bank employees have gone a strike demanding more wages and perks. We all know this section of employees are well paid and work in air conditioned offices. There are ever so many workers earning their livelihood in difficult working conditions although they get much less pay. In fact in India millions of people are so poor that they can't get even one square meal a day. Also millions are jobless. These bank workers want more and more and work less and less. I wish they took a walk with you to see the realities of life.

    I enjoyed your lovely poem which touched my heart and opened my eyes.

    Have a lovely day, my friend:)

  8. This is very beautiful, thank you.

  9. I am so grateful for what I have, the roof over my head, shelter from the wind - thank you for you.


  10. This Year For The First Time I Lived To Know How It Is To Live Without Any Money and Only One Step Away From Losing It All.

    I Feel Now How The Homeless Feel Everyday of Their Lifes.

    Bless Those Who Have Lost it All and are Finding A Way to ... Getting Back on In Life.

  11. beautiful glucciano.......you are an artist finding beauty where most men/women fail to see it. you are a composer as your cadence is musical....compelling in this poem....and you are an activist reminding us of our need to help others....and if that message is not enough...you remind us of how helping others really helps ourselves. you and God must chat everyday! love you! peace!

  12. So often just a touch, a kind word, a few moments of caring are enough to make the space a little brighter. Your words are gripping.