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Sunday, August 23, 2009


I raced out of the house,
Right after I grabbed my coat,
Slinging the door open,
My footprints in the snow,

And so I search for her steps,
Upon the cotton ground,
The wind is stirring up a temper,
If you listen, you can hear the sound..

Sweetheart I'm coming,
Coming am I sweetheart,
Upon the dusk of the evening,
Right before it's dark,

And so I take a second to listen,
For I know my woman's pace
I study the muddy snow,
Until I see her face

And how be it,
That she sat upon a boulder,
Steady, and without movement,
I approached her by touching her shoulder,

And she's cold..
And she's cold..
My beloved woman's heart is full of ice,
I need to make it right,

I yanked out of my shirt,
As many times before love making,
I put it around her tightly,
Her steady frame begin it's shaking,

Unsure if it was anger,
Or perhaps it was the chill,
I didn't expect her to speak to me,
I just wanted her to feel,

I'm here, I'm here,
I lifted her from the stone,
Carrying the young lady back,
Towards the place that I call home,

No words proceeded,
From the lips of her mouth,
No action repaired her feelings,
But she did hear me out,

As I walked into the house,
Next to the fire she abode,
Her heart never changed temperatures,
She was indeed so cold..

And she's cold,
And she's cold..
My beloved woman's heart is full of ice,
It's up to me to make it right..


  1. It looks very cold ;)
    Lovely poem !!

  2. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. The second verse is my favorite.

  3. These last post are very powerful. It takes real growth to freely express in the manner that you are. Deeply moving brother. Deeply.

  4. This poem speaks to me on such a deeply personal level...I got so caught up in this one. Behold the power of your words...