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Friday, August 7, 2009

We all win..

How easily we tend to forget,
That she's a lady,
Not a possesion, not a punching bag,
She's the woman that carries our baby,

And how easy it is,
To forget her emotions,
Changing in the blink of an eye,
Without a given notion,

And is that wrong,
That we must make an adjustment,
Instead of reacting in aggression,
Or engaging in an arguement,

I know, I know,
I hate it too,
But the babies depend on us,
They need to know what to do..

And so it's on us,
To bring our women back,
To a place of peace,
To get us all back on track

For in the end,
She'll love us again,
The kids will smile at their mother,
And with peace and quiet, we all win..


  1. So very true and moving. You speak, or should I say write wonderfully.

  2. Such beautiful writing. Thank you so much for sharing it with us. I was touched.

  3. Poignantly honest and vulnerable.
    A man is recognized by his ability to seize responsibility.
    Loved this....

  4. I loved to read this poem (I can feel that you wrote this poem with a lot of emotions, good emotions, with true love).

  5. Hi Lucciano:)

    Greetings and good wishes:)

    HOW EASILY WE TEND TO FORGET THAT SHE IS A LADY----herein lies the problem and the answer.

    When we forget to understand and realize that a woman is another living and walking person created by God with feelings, emotions, thinking power to fulfill a purpose on this earth ,there is a problem--- not with the women but with us ,men. We misbehave, insult and act superior to them and as a result we bring upon us a cart load of problems and vicious atmosphere in our homes. The main people to suffer are innocent children who depend on us for love, support and a good atmosphere to live and grow.

    I remember a young girl in her teens saying in a blog that if the parents are divorced the children can be given for adoption. I was surprised at this statement because she thinks giving a child for adoption is just as easy as eating a chocolate. She did not understand the emotional problems for the parents in giving up a child for adoption or the mental agony for the child who is separated from the parents.

    It is always good for us to be surrounded by a happy family for all round satisfaction, contentment and fulfillment in this life.

    Your well thought out poem highlights very beautifully the importance of maintaining love and respect for the fair sex and providing them equal opportunities is all spears of activity, so that there is lasting peace and happiness in our homes, community, and the world at large.

    Have a lovely Sunday Lucciano:)

  6. G LU, you amaze me. You have insight beyond most. On another level...

  7. thanks for stopping by my Blog and leaving a comment. I look forward to having time to stop and read more of your work. I got through the first two... I have a heart for the homeless, so the second one really touches my heart. Have a wonderful day, and look forward to hearing from you in the future. God Bless...Kat

  8. I would like to pass on an award i received from Bhavesh Chhatbar and I would like to pass this award along because your poetry is amazing , very moving and My blog is Whatlifeisabout-Lucy. If you could pass this on to 10 that would help complete the links. Just come and pick it off my blog.

  9. I love this! It takes some years to learn (and others a lifetime to never learn) what you have shared. An entire lecture could be given using this poem as an outline. Thank you.

    Your piece inspired me to write a response. I hope you like it as much as I like yours:


  10. Beautiful.