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Friday, August 28, 2009

Without A Father Part 2

It's one of those moments,
That i hate to bear,
To watch a female child,
Lonely, with no one there,

Mothers are wonderful,
Grandmothers tend to put a heart to rest,
But nothing comforts a daughter,
More than her father's chest,

To nestle in truth,
To feel secure,
His words provide comfort,
His voice remains pure,

And so I watched from a distance,
How it affected her timid heart,
Cupid threw no arrows this day,
No, there were no loving darts,

A spotlight of darkness,
Clouded a day of pure sunlight,
Though she smiled at me,
I could tell it was by fight,

Therefore I embraced the little angel,
I knew it was unfair,
For her to behold a life unfit,
Without her father there,

She poured her heart out,
Upon my chest with tears,
I tried to hold mine back,
But her tone pierced my ears,

And so we both cried,
Under the golden moon,
Which turned into songs of comfort,
No matter if out of tune,

She pecked my cheek,
With both arms she hugged my neck,
I'd gained a friend this day,
Today I gained respect,

By far I'm not her father,
Not even the next in line,
But I'll always be there for her,
Making sure that she's fine..


  1. I love it to read your poems
    thats the reason I am always come back...LOL
    Another fantastic poem
    I have two daughters I now what you are meaning in your poem :)
    Have a wonderful weekend..

  2. Thank you. I'm a strong woman, but you made me miss my father...He died 25yrs ago when I was 14. Wish I had him a little bit longer....

  3. You are very eloquent with you words and how you come across,your writing is well worth reading.Keep up the good work my brother.God bless.