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Friday, July 24, 2009


How I wish that I were the mirror,
So I could watch you in the morning,
Your expression.., your stare,
Your hand over your mouth before yawning

And how I wish that I could see,
The way that you look before makeup,
The transition of paint, and foundation,
Watching how much time it takes up,

Or even how you walk across it,
Just to see if your jeans are too tight,
Asking yourself over and over again..
"Does this fit right..?"

How I wish that I could gaze into your eyes,
While eyebrows are being plucked
You put on your new eyelashes,
Before leaving, looking like a million bucks,

Then after a hard day at the office,
You strip off your clothes,
And stare at your weight,
From your breasts to your toes,

For some reason,
I'd catch you dancing naked,
Right before your husband catches you,
And how smoothly you'd try to fake it..

Then by night,
I'd watch you remove all of you,
Leaving me for a few hours to think of how you,
Shall return again by morning to start again brand new,

That's if i were a mirror,
If I were the mirror,
Being a woman,
Would then become to me, quite clearer..


  1. I wish you were my mirror. I haven't found anyone who sees me clearly.... I love it! More! More!

  2. u are so deep, luv dis poem, keep doing u, peace and love

  3. Very imaginative and well versed :)
    thanks for sharing..

  4. Enjoyed the piece. Inspires me to be better. Thanx

  5. Awesome work. Reminds me of one I wrote called "makeup", but urs has more meat.

  6. Wow! That took being a fly on the wall to a whole different level :D