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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mother.. (Nature)

From the day of my birth,
You shined your light,
Causing me to see the sun,
After nine months of night,

Somehow you took to me,
Like I was your favorite child,
You rained upon my stature,
When my world became mild,

You led me to the ocean,
Where my thoughts danced in your skin,
You became a piece of paper,
My voice was the pen,

I abused your fertile flesh,
I walked upon you daily,
Stepping on your seed of life,
Destroying the baby..

They covered your skin with gravel,
When you wanted to grow,
They placed wood upon your heart,
Stagnating your blood flow..

Yet and still you forgive,
You just allow your wind to blow..
And when you've had enough of the stress,
You release it by volcano..

I am guilty, so guilty,
I can not reply it all on paper,
But i will respect you in full,
And begin to reembrace your nature..


  1. Another great poem that you wrote. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world

  2. This is a wonderfully written piece and a metaphoric gem.