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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Faithfulness 2u

Lori left Todd,
For a Mustang driver,
With dice in the mirror,
And tinted windows to hide her,

Mark waits till Shelly
Showers and says goodnight,
To text a married woman,
Lying outside her husbands sight,

You watch the tales at breakfast,
In front of your flat screen tv,
With a blueberry waffle on the end of your fork,
And your eggs made over easy,

You shake your head,
With your hand over your mouth like a yawn,
And wonder to yourself,
If you’ll be the next one to get cheated on,

The truth of the matter is,
That what others do,
Plays no part in our love
Or my faithfulness to u,

You just got off the phone,
And asked me if I heard the news,
That left you standing there speechless,
With an attitude, they said..

Sara went to Miami to visit her mother,
Leaving her boyfriend John alone,
Who invited an upscale accountant,
To stay in their Savannah home,

They walked the beach at midnight,
Kissed below the yellow moon,
Until Sara came home a day early,
Finding them both in the bedroom,

Now you’re really convinced
That love is dead in the end,
And how could u ever trust me,
If John happened to be my friend?

But the truth of the matter is,
That what others do…
Plays no part in our love,
Or my faithfulness to u..


  1. Gorgeous....I am sure there are faithful men out there. Hard to come by..(LOL) but I am sure there are some.

  2. Beautiful sentiment.....to a decidedly different beat...I like it. Happy to know that you have that someone to LOve and be faithful to.
    Faithful men are the only ones that I know.

  3. Truly amazing, to see the story play out. Something that becomes aprt of our day to o day lives. Good, Faithful men are very hard to find but then again so is a women who aren't scorn by one who wasn't good or faithful. Love ya work

  4. Beautiful post. I'm also a poet, writing about experiences with PTSD after escaping from Jonestown. Let me know what you think: http://teribufordoshea.authorsxpress.com/

  5. New follower here. I love this poem! :)