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Friday, September 9, 2011

Just Wish U'd Hear Me Too...

Went into the city
To climb a skyscraper,
And say aloud my prayer requests
From this wrinkled piece of paper,

Yelled into the night,
Below that crescent moon,
That kept hiding behind the smell,
Of the rain clouds perfume,

They say its loud in heaven,
With all the singing and chanting,
Handclaps that sound like thunder,
Foot stomps, and holy dancing,

Maybe that’s why u haven’t answered,
There’s angels around u,
Talking your ear off,
Just wish u’d hear me too…

Grandma says to pray,
That your holy will be done,
And life aint all about me,
“Don’t be selfish son,”

But I don’t understand that,
Cause Johnny got his dreams,
As evil as he is,
You still gave him the means,

And Bobby was on drugs,
He smoked them everyday,
AND sold some to the children,
That’s how he got paid,

Maybe that’s it,
I’ve been a selfish fool,
And u hear those who aren’t,
Just wish u’d hear me too..

The preacher has it all,
In his brand new three piece suit
Golden cuff links glisten,
While he shouts the gospel truth,

The congregation screams,
Just like a concert show,
They hold their bibles up,
And catch the holy ghost,

They point their boney fingers,
In displeasure my way,
And say if I were in church often,
I’d have what I want today…

Maybe that’s it,
Everyone else just knows the truth
And im okay with that,
Just wish u’d hear me too…

Don had diabetes,
He pricked his fingertips,
Often four times daily,
Checked his blood on testing strips

Said that he was tired,
And needles made him sick,
So he quit them altogether,
And walked away from it,

U stepped up at the time,
Set his body free,
His wife start trusting u again,
And said that she believes,

Maybe that’s it,
Healing the sick is overdue,
And Im not tryna jump the line,
Just wish u’d hear me too…


  1. Powerful piece...... Maaaan, I love your work...... (and you....) sandra

  2. I love this. So real and and and good

  3. I felt this one , It really hit home for me

  4. Amazing talent you have. The Pretty Producer