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Monday, November 23, 2009


It’s nothing so major,
Besides the fact that she’s stunning,
Her eyes pierce my inner soul,
Leaving my blood’s faucet running,

It’s not really a huge ordeal,
Well maybe not to the world,
But in mine eyes alone,
She’s more than just a incalculable pearl,

I set eyes upon her,
Before the night calls upon morning,
Before the rooster yells with anticipation,
Right before I realize I’m still tired, and yawning,

There is none more fair,
Whose breasts satisfy me more,
Whose words are as honey,
From her jar of love, therefore I pour,

She doth pour her love,
Upon my weary head daily,
Relinquishing my foreign troubles,
Washing my thoughts thoroughly,

She loves me,
As the golden moon adores the blazing sun,
As the elegant tuxedo,
Enjoys it’s cummerbund,

And though it be nothing major,
In the sight of thee,
Within the pupil of mine eyes,
She means everything to me.