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Thursday, September 8, 2011


The room is lit with candles,
The music’s soft and slow,
This mood is set for two,
Ok, so here we go,

U offer me that look,
And ask me bed or floor,
I say it doesn’t matter,
As long as u let go,

Don’t be insecure,
Girl don’t close the blinds,
Not looking for ur flaws,
I’ll make your body shine…
if u let me..

Gonna take my time,
Cause I have other plans,
To make ur body shiver,
From passion and romance,

I’ll let u take control,
Unless u are opposed,
Or I can climb on top,
U know how this thing goes,

Touch you in your spot,
Ur quick to squirm away,
Im quick to pull u back,
And tell u “not today..”
if u let me..

I promise to go deeper,
If u can handle that,
I’ll make sure I go faster,
If u can throw it back

Connect with ur soul,
Its so spiritual,
Make ur love come down,
Its our ritual,

U don’t have to fear,
Ill be here at daybreak,
Right here next to u,
However long our love takes…
If u let me


  1. I'd let you. Love, Lurkster

  2. I like it words spoken like a true lover.

    ♥ As always thanks for writing! ♥

  3. Ur talented... <3

  4. I see now, what has the ladies blushing, I have to go to the pen and paper and give a females poetic reply . Great work luv