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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I remember it like it was yesterday,
I actually recall this case,
I call to mind, your little eyes staring at me,
Before I remember my mother’s face,

My sister,
I cherished you because you loved me,
You wanted to be my helper,
Before it was truly time to be,

I recall our first encounter,
How you just wanted to see,
Instead you flipped me from the sofa,
Quickly ejecting me…

I knew you didn’t mean it,
But how could I open my mouth and speak?
I couldn’t save you from mother‘s anger,
I could only watch, hoping your discipline would be brief,

My sister,
There’s no one more that I adore,
Now that we are older,
I’ll save you from your time of war,

For us,
It’s never been easy,
I’ve always been a complicated storybook,
But you have always been able to read me,

And for this I am grateful,
Though times are hard for you even now,
When I see what you’ve carried as a woman,
The only word that enters my brain is “HOW?”

My sister,
The sun will forever shine on you,
And if a cloud makes its way towards your life,
I’ll stand in front of it,….. never might it pursue,


  1. I want to stay right here...on your page. She's beautiful and blessed to have you. =')

  2. A beautiful poem for your sister,
    I haven't seen you around for a while hope everything is OK.
    Take care.

  3. Good Stuff!!! LOVE!!!IT!! Tami

  4. A lovely tribute to your sister and her love and caring for you.....such compassion and respect is beautiful and uplifting to witness. How much you must have delighted your sister.....how much you love her so.
    Beautiful fam....beautiful poem......wholly man! (holy poet!)

  5. Lovely.. I don't have a sister as I'm the only girl. This is beautiful poem for your sis. Nice words.