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Friday, April 16, 2010

Lets Try It Again

To say that i don't love you,
Would be more than just a lie,
For when i think of your departure,
An ocean of tears pursue mine eye,

Your steps beside me,
Anoint my path with light,
Your whisper is soothing to my turmoil,
It warms my heart, just right..

And why should we part?
Knowing that we can work things out,
We argue over foreign material which alters,
Forgetting the basis of what we truly argue about,

And I believe that we can make it,
If you would grab my hand,
Today I won’t fall into the same trap,
Today, I’ll take a stand,

I’ll lead with the arms of example,
Not by my voice alone,
I’ll speak to you in person,
We’ll never argue by phone,

And we’ll watch………,
We’ll see it all take place,
Wrapped tightly in each other’s arms,
With a smile upon our face…

So let the winds remove the clouds,
Yes, allow the storm to rush into the hills,
Suffer the waves of life to recede,
Suffer this vessel of love, to remain still…

Lets try this thing again,
Again, lets try this thing,
Soon and very soon, I’ll make it all worthwhile,
Let the wedding bells ring…


  1. I love this!! You are just a beautiful soul...Thank you!

  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful poem.

    Enjoy the week-end.

  3. I am loving it! Your work is amazing. :0)

  4. This is one of your best pieces! Beautiful..^^