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Sunday, May 20, 2012


My love,
How long has it been?
How often do u breathe,
And think of me again
When u stare in the mirror,
Can u see me behind u,
Kissing your neck, u shiver,
They blind u,
Of all the wrong I’ve done…

My Love,
Is your frame still picture perfect?
Does your heart still yearn to surface?
And thump boldly behind your breasts,
When u see me,
Would ur dress still hit the floor,
When I kick down the panel door,
Will u still let me inside u?

My love,
Can u bear the addictions?
Even when I break,
And contradict them,
When u say stop,
And I don’t listen,
Will u turn and walk away?

My love,
I yearn to come to u,
Unless you’re really through,
With what I’ve come to be,
But I can hardly see,
Another man to breach,
The truth in which u seek,
But if u fear this feat,
Wait until he sleeps,
And then come here to me… My Love..


  1. This is really beautiful I love your poetry.

  2. Your LOve.....lucky, lucky. Lovely poem.

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  4. Simply amazing, Im a poet myself so I know hot to appreciate each and every word of this.
    *Snap Snap*

  5. simply beautiful