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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Rediscovery

How can we forget about her,
She stands firmly with soothing words,
Embracing our hands each day,
Whereas we travel her bountiful curves,

Leading us back to Genesis,
Whispering.. Remember.. Remember,
That though often very rare,
Flowers do flourish, Even during Winter

And how easily it is to forget,
How she allows children to gallop on her attire,
Singing songs of laughter and joy,
Yes until the sun sets and we all retire,

Inviting the presence of her beloved,
She also allows the uncertainty of fools,
Then instantly teaches with love,
Using it's strength as her tool,

Sadly we forget,
That she is left darkened, in solitude, and without family
Her oceans without water,
Her beaches no longer sandy,

With this voice she cries aloud,
Hoping to shake the earth,
Preparing to move the crowd...
From the womb comes forth a "rebirth"

We create her memory,
Resurfacing what has already been done,
Meaning that we can prepare to win this battle,
Or turn away in fear, and run,

She teaches us lessons with time,
She is the sun, the moon, and all things in sight,
She is the heart of a nation,
But more than anything, she is LIFE..


  1. I am floored by your words. I wanted to just keep reading, its mesmorizing.


  2. I like your view of mother nature/earth here.

  3. It's so powerful to personify Earth/Mother nature. It's beautifully powerful.

  4. Selfless provision...beautifully written & vividly expressed.

  5. I love this poem...certainly as a huge fan of Mother Nature and sustainable life for ALL... And as an artist, I love the imagery....Mother Nature in her sumptuous, feminine beauty, her shared brilliance and searing sadness as man (and woman) show their disrespect. I want to use some of this imagery in my art and some of glucciano's words in my soul...exquisitely executed! love you, holy man/wholly poet! peace.